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The Video Solutions Provider for Nonprofits

We make video simple for a simple reason....because people crave meaningful, authentic connection.

Donors want to hear from your organization about how their gift has made an impact.

It doesn’t take a perfectly polished video production or high-priced marketing campaign to do this. Putting a human face on your communication is what makes it effective.

That’s what we help you do.

Why do nonprofit organizations come to CauseVid for their video fundraising, marketing, and communication needs?

CauseVid is founded and led by fundraisers and technologists who are experts at creating stronger connections that lead to better donor retention and fundraising outcomes. We built the features that nonprofits need and will actually use—and we can add new features fast.

We make it quick and easy to create and send donor thank you videos, marketing videos, and other communications for your nonprofit. Everything is custom branded for consistency.

With CauseVid, you can easily send requests for any members of your organization to record short video clips. Get everyone involved including donors, volunteers, board members, and those impacted by your nonprofit.

Our pricing options are affordable and flexible for nonprofits and let you create an unlimited number of videos to support your fundraising, marketing, and communications efforts.

CauseVid is ideal for both Fundraising and Communications. We serve a very wide range of nonprofits with many different use cases. Our CRM integrations add even more value by delivering strategic insight and efficiency.

We provide personal, responsive customer support to get you up and running on our video creation and delivery platform ASAP. We can help with execution of initiatives and campaigns including video production as a “done for you” service.

Meet Our Team

CauseVid is a technology, consulting, and services company that helps nonprofits make the most of video to engage and retain donors with compelling communication. We enable the affordable, scalable creation of personalized video emails that “wow” donors and support our client’s fundraising goals. Our team includes experts in nonprofit fundraising strategy and video technology. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric, highly responsive, professional, and committed to supporting your goals.

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Tom Lynch
Julie Sullivan
Client Success
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Raenee Patterson
Client Services
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Client Services

Our Vision

We envision nonprofits worldwide having access to all the resources and tools they need to do more good in the digital age.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing nonprofits with highly effective video solutions and strategies for engaging and retaining donors.

Core Values: What We Believe

Storytelling Is Vital

Our clients have important stories to tell. Expressing these stories through video allows the authenticity and sincerity to shine through, increasing impact.

Video Is Powerful

Video is a memorable way to engage with donors and raise more money. We are dedicated helping our clients build and maintain connections with their donors.

You Deserve a Trusted Partner

We believe in our team and our ability to help. But we believe in our customers MORE. We will present your brand with the same care and professionalism you would.

Improvement Never Stops

Continuous improvement is essential for delivering the features and capabilities our customers need. We are excited to keep getting better.

Data Must Be Protected

We treat our customers’ donor data with the utmost respect and care, safeguarding it in compliance with data security and privacy standards.

Accountability Matters

We have an obligation and responsibility to help our clients reach their desired outcomes. If something doesn't work, we take accountability to admit it, correct it, and prevent it from recurring.