Thank You Videos
Thank More Memorably

Personalized videos are a better way to say thank you, and they’re changing the way nonprofits thank their donors.

Video is 9x-times more memorable than text, so your donors will remember the thank you videos you send, and when donors remember how you thanked them, they’ll be more likely to give again and again.

  • Thank You Videos: CauseVid’s automated platform can create personalized thank you videos whenever someone makes a gift

  • Gift Anniversaries: Thank donors again by sending a video to tell them about the impact their support has had on your cause

  • Major Donor Stewardship: Use personalized videos to send messages to donors directly from the people who have benefited from their generosity


Personal Giving Pages
Ask More Personally

Imagine if you didn’t have just one online giving page for everybody, but instead, you had one for each and every one of your donors.

And imagine if your donors were greeted on that page with a personalized video in which you make your asks, face-to-face.

We’ve made it all possible, because people give to people.

  • Peer to Peer Campaigns: Peer solicitations work because people give to people, and people give more to people they know.

  • Giving Day Solicitations: Successful Giving Day campaigns rely on social media sharing, and video gets shared 1200% more than text.


Video Testimonials
Collect and Share the Stories of your Cause

You can collect authentic and sincere stories from the people who support your cause, and the people who are supported by your cause.

Everyone involved in your organization has a story to tell, and video enables them to share their stories with the world, in their own words.

  • Donor Stories: Ask donors why they give, and then have them share their passion for your cause with others.

  • Impact Stories: Your organization helps people, so ask the people you help to share how your work has impacted their lives.